Can I order a custom piece?

Absolutely! To order a custom piece, please send an email via our contact page with a brief description of what you have in mind. I will follow up within 48 hours!

PLEASE NOTE: custom pieces fall outside our 4 week turnaround time. A timeframe will be discussed with you during the consultation process


How is your business practicing sustainability?

I source all my fibers from a company that creates their fibers using textiles that would have otherwise ended up in landfills. 
Here is a quote taken directly from the website:

"The highest quality up cycled cotton cord in the market, made from cotton fabrics from the garment industry. To get the color, we don’t dye the fiber, we choose similar color garments, we break down the fabric to cotton fiber again and then we spin the fiber to create the cotton thread.  With this manufacturing process, we can reduce the water usage in half and reduce very significantly the CO2 emissions." - Ganxxet.com

To further reduce our footprint, all packaging is eco friendly. Our "poly" mailers are 100% compostable, and we reuse shipping boxes when possible. We also use compostable packaging tape, and kraft paper for padding. 

Sometimes you may get bubble wrap or other “non-sustainable” padding materials. Why is this?
Simple! Instead of throwing away perfectly good packing materials received from other shipments, we save everything and reuse what we can to keep these products out of landfills as long as possible!